Friday, 28 June 2019

Why say no to last minute shopping?

Last minute shopping experience could be frustrating, stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Every time we do last-minute shopping, we think to avoid it next time. However, we keep doing it again and again.

Christmas and new year holiday shopping season are very near. Before you break your promise again, kangchin Read this post to know how you can say no to last-minute shopping?

Many of us do last-minute shopping every time and a few of us, sometimes. Common reasons are the busy life, hectic schedule, an unplanned holiday, late invite to a party but the most common one is procrastination.

This is why you should say no to last-minute shopping

Shopping too late and near the festive season is not a good idea. Neither, you can do shopping better, korea casino nor you can plan or enjoy your holiday better.

Shopping is like other things it does need proper planning and patience. Before buying, we should know why we want to buy and what we want to buy and in which budget.

Limited variety or no availability

Products good in shape, design, color, new in technology, and quality always stay in demand. Their demands get increased more in the holiday shopping season.

Sometimes, Before any holiday, l 카지노 it gets increased as much as even the largest stores and malls left with no stock or with limited colors, size or variety.

In the last-minute holiday shopping, there is a more chances Items could be out of stock. I have seen people returning empty-handed or with substitute gifts.

You may buy something you don’t need

At the end of the shopping season, la casino Stores generally increase the discount on the inventory which they find hard to sell, last-minute shoppers do a great favor, to shop owners by buying from remaining.

Sometimes retailers offer an additional discount if you buy above a certain amount. So, if you buy something of value 50 and if they are offering an extra 10% discount on total buying of 200, You will likely end up buying worth 150 more.

Retailers know you are short in time and desperate to buy. After seeing discounts and lucrative offers, people buy whatever they can and end up buying things they rarely need.